Media Types

The Roller API supports only JSON format. You must include both Accept and Content-Type headers to your requests, they will determine which format is used to parse and respond to your request.

UTF-8 should be used for all content encoding.

Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8
Accept: application/json


We provide a test environment so you can test your integration and make sure it’s ready before connecting with the Production server. These environments are completely disconnected, accounts are not shared so you will have to create a new account and generate a new API key on our Test server in order to use it. All requests must use HTTPS, the API is not available on non-SSL ports. When testing an Agent integration, it is easier to only use the production environment, and book Test products from our Demo suppliers.

Environment Application URL API URL API Documentation URL
Playground https://play.roller.app https://api.play.roller.app https://api.play.roller.app/help
Production https://roller.app https://api.roller.app https://api.roller.app/help

Date format

We provide 1 date format for Availability and Booking dates/times. The first is ISO8601 format and attributes are usually called startDate/endDate.

ISO8601 format

If you use ISO8601 format, you have to convert times to the venue's timezone when you want to display dates and times. For example, if a venue runs an event on 30 Oct 2014 at 9:00 AM in the “Sydney/Australia” timezone, time in ISO8601 format returned by the API will be



Each endpoint is limited to 1 day per request. If there's more data than the allowed pageSize you'll need to page through the results.

By default, most endpoints return 100 records per page. You can change the number of records on a per-request basis by passing a pageSize parameter in the request URL parameters. The max pageSize is 500.

When the response exceeds the pageSize, you can paginate through the records by incrementing the pageNumber parameter.